Man Sues McDonald's for $1.5M Over Napkin Issue


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What is a man to do when he receives only one napkin with his Quarter Pounder Deluxe from McDonald's? Sue for more than a million bucks, apparently. A California McDonald's finds itself the target of a lawsuit after a man claims he experienced mental anguish relating to an incident that occurred after asking for extra napkins.

McDonald's is no stranger to lawsuits. In the past year, the chain has been sued for burns caused by their hot coffee (again) and vocal damage stemming from a glass shard found in a chicken sandwich. Now California resident Webster Lucas is suing McDonald's for $1.5 million for undue mental anguish.

Lucas told TMZ that after receiving his Quarter Pounder Deluxe, he noticed that he was given only one napkin, which obviously isn't enough to take care of cleanup while eating the hefty sandwich. Lucas decided to go up to the front counter to ask for more napkins for his meal when the manager of the Pacoima, California restaurant acted hostile towards him.

After the store manager, who is identified as "Angel," argued about the amount of napkins Lucas received and refused to give him extras, Lucas responded with, "I should have went to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box because I didn't come here to argue over napkins. I came here to eat." Lucas said that the manager, who he believes to be Mexican-American, then mumbled something about "you people," which Lucas took as a slight towards his race since he is African American.

Lucas then complained about the situation to the general manager of the McDonald's in an email and asked for compensation since Lucas claims he can't work because of the "undue mental anguish" he suffered as a result of the incident. The general manager offered an apology and free burgers, which Lucas wasn't happy with, so he decided to file a lawsuit for $1.5 million.

McDonald's hasn't released a statement on the incident or the lawsuit yet, but it's hard to imagine that anything will come from the lawsuit. Then again, stranger things have happened--like receiving only one napkin with a Quarter Pounder Deluxe.

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