Man Smacks Girlfriend Around with Her Dead Dog's Carcass

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When it comes to tales of domestic violence, I've heard all sorts. In the heat of the moment, people will grab just about anything to use as a weapon, including objects that seem a little ridiculous. People have smacked one another with beer bottles, pizzas boxes, and various household appliances, though nothing comes remotely close to matching the pure insanity of what transpired in Sandy Springs, Georgia on Monday. Those with weak stomachs and a low tolerance for articles about animal cruelty should probably jump ship now.

According to police reports, 27 year-old Emmanuel Alfredo Tadeo and his 40 year-old girlfriend Andrea Armintrout were having a disagreement about one thing or another, which is per usual when you're in a relationship with someone who's clearly unstable. Arguments are going to happen. However, once things escalated out of control, Emmanuel decided to take things one step over the proverbial line. Instead of hashing things out in a civilized manner, Tadeo took Armintrout's Pomeranian outside and proceeded to kick the dog repeatedly.

Horrified, Andrea snatched her battered canine and took it back inside. Emmanuel, clearly unfulfilled, followed his girlfriend back inside, snatched it from her arms, and continued to kick the poor little thing profusely. Unfortunately, his disgusting, degenerate behavior didn't end there. For whatever reason -- one can only imagine the sort of things that go on inside the mind of someone like this -- Tadeo picked up the dog's still-warm corpse and proceeded to beat his girlfriend with it. So not only did Andrea have to watch as her pet was destroyed by a psychopath, she also had to endure being assaulted with its carcass. Unbelievable.

Oddly, Armintrout was booked on obstruction charges since she was unwilling to cooperate with investigators. Additionally, she claimed she was never really fond of the dog in the first place, which adds yet another of deep-fried sleaze to this foul little tale of domestic abuse. Both individuals were locked away in the Fulton County Jail as of Monday night, though I'm sure they'll be able to roam about freely within a short amount of time. Lucky us.

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