Man Returns $98,000 Found In Craigslist Desk


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When you buy something on Craigslist, you can't always be sure that what you are getting will be as promised. On very rare occasions, you end up with more than what you bargained for. This is exactly what happened to Rabbi Noah Muroff, who found $98,000 cash in a desk he bought off Craigslist.

Muroff and his wife were attempting to get their new desk into their office and had to resort to taking it apart when it wouldn't fit through the door. When they took the desk apart, they found a plastic shopping bag, full of money.

While many people would be tempted to keep the money, Muroff said he immediately knew that he had to contact the person he had purchased the desk from. The seller said that she had misplaced the money and had no idea it was lost in her desk. She could not believe that Muroff had called to tell her he would be returning the money to her.

Muroff took his entire family with him to return the cash and said he hoped it would be a learning experience for his children. The rightful owner of the cash wrote the family a note expressing her gratitude for returning the money, refunded them the money they had paid for the desk, and made them take a reward for returning her cash to her.

If you found a large sum of money in something you purchased on Craigslist would you return it or do you believe in "finders keepers?"

Image from Flickr.