Madonna Isn't the Only Celeb Who Posted A Dumb Tweet


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Celebrities getting themselves in all kinds of trouble is nothing new. Whether they're pulled over for drunk driving or involved in a embarrassing scandal of some sort, it's hard for actors, singers and other famous people to keep their bad behavior under wraps. And that's certainly true for celebrities that use Twitter. And now that Madonna is currently going through her own social media drama, we're taking a look back to see which other famous people faced similar problems.

Ronald Martin- Remember in 2012 when the former CNN journalist tweeted something about soccer player David Beckham. It happened after Beckham's Superbowl commercial aired, which showed him running around town in his underwear. Martin tweeted the following: "If a dude at your Superbowl party is hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him." Afterwards, Gladd posted a response on its website and took Martin to task. He was suspended soon after.

Steve Martin- Last month the veteran comedian and actor posted what most considered a racist tweet, when one of his followers asked "Is this how you spell lasonia?" "It depends," Martin replied. "Are you in an African-American neighborhood or at an Italian restaurant?" Afterwards, he quickly removed the tweet but it didn't do any good. Many people were still offended and Martin has since apologized.

Kate Gosselin- In 2013 the ex-reality star tweeted an offensive photo of herself, pulling back her eyes, in a dumb attempt to make fun of Asians. The tweet obviously sent the Internet into overdrive and sparked tons of backlash. And what was Gosselin's excuse? She was fooling around with her then-husband, Jon Gosselin, who is Korean-American, so she thought it was okay. But her excuse got her in even hotter water, and rightfully so.

Ashton Kutcher- When ex-Penn state coach Joe Paterno was in big trouble for not speaking up about the school's now infamous molestation-scandal, Kutcher took to his Twitter account and gave an opinion before he knew all the details. "How do you fire Jo Pa?" he wrote. "As a Hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste." Soon after, the backlash came from all over and the tweet was quickly removed. Maybe these celebrities, and others like them, will think a little more before sending a tweet, because once a post is out there, it's out there, and the only thing you can do at that moment is remove the foot from your mouth.

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