'Madden 25' Launch Trailer Released, Game Out Tomorrow


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One of the biggest video game launches of the year is tomorrow. The yearly iteration of the Madden NFL franchise, Madden 25, is being branded and marketed as a celebration of the franchise's long history.

The game is also one of the first cross-generation titles to be released this year, with versions of Madden 25 coming to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as a launch title. With that in mind, early sales numbers for Madden 25 could indicate just how many gamers intend to take advantage of $10 upgrade programs from Amazon and GameStop, and how many are waiting for the new consoles.

As the Madden 25 launch trailer shows, the gameplay for this year's Madden hasn't changed drastically from previous years. The new features EA Sports is touting include cryptic things such as a new "force impact system," new "moves," and a new "precision modifier."

(Image courtesy EA Sports)