Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Suggests One Hell Of A Car Chase


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Fasten your seatbelts!

The Mad Max reboot promises to be one hell of an intense ride for moviegoers.

Many of us easily associate the name with Mel Gibson, who brought the character to life back in the 80s.

The new version stars English actor Tom Hardy in the title role. South African actress Charlize Theron will also feature in the highly anticipated dystopian thriller.

There was a teaser trailer released via the San Diego Comic Con, and there was also an official trailer which was released to the internet.

The official trailer gives us a glimpse at someone staring off into the distance, watching and listening for something.

There appears to be a radio message telling us about the water crisis and lack of readily available drinking water.

If you remember the Mad Max series, you’ll know that water is more precious than gold in this barren reality.

What follows is the apparent capture and torture of poor Max at the hands of a group of sadistic individuals.

We see that he is rescued at some point, and from then on it appears to be an explosive (literally) cat and mouse game on wheels.

This movie is meant to introduce movie fans to the world of the Mad Max trilogy and the character of Mad Max himself, and will hopefully be successful enough to see the rest of the series make it to the big screen.

Will Hardy deliver as the heroic cult classic figure?

Well, the odds are pretty good. The actor has played his share of memorable characters in recent years. Hardy certainly has the ability to go from mild mannered to terrifying in the blink of an eye.

Theron as an award-winning actress also has the chops to deliver.

No doubt fans of the series are looking forward to late spring 2015 when the movie is released in theaters.

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Image via YouTube