MacWorld iWorld: Best Of Show Winners Announced


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The editors of Macworld have released their list of winners of Best Of Show at this year’s Macworld | iWorld conference. The list is a diverse collection of apps and accessories, ranging in price from free all the way up to $200.

- Adonit Jot Touch. This innovative stylus blends an internal spring, bluetooth in the stylus, and iPad software to create the first pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad.

- Spark Digital Microphone from Blue Microphones. This professional-grade condenser mic is compatible with both the Mac and the iPad. It uses the same studio-grade technology as Blue Microphones’s previous microphones. It sells for $200.

- iStopMotion for iPad. Available in the App Store at an introductory price of $4.99 (regularly $9.99), this app allows users to take several pictures in succession and stitch them together into a stop-motion video that can then be exported to YouTube or the iPad’s camera roll.

- Dev Audio Microcone. Designed for group conversations, Dev Audio’s mutlidirectional Microcone can record in six directions, on six different audio channels. Included software allows users to edit the audio of the six channels individually.

- FileThis Fetch. Fetch automatically collects your statements from a variety of financial institutions - banks, credit card companies, etc. - and presents them to you in an easy-to-navigate format. The service, which costs $2 per month unless you purchase a pre-paid plan, gathers all your financial information into one place, allowing you to review and search your informaiton without having to sign into multiple accounts.

- Game Your Video. This iPhone app allows you to add a variety of special effect to your videos in an interface designed to feel more like playing a game than editing a video. The app sells for $1.99 in the App Store.

- i4software’s Video Camera. Video Camera is another video editing app, albeit more powerful than Game Your Video. It’s designed to be both easy to use and feature-rich. Remarkably, it includes a feature that allows recording from as many as 8 remote cameras simultaneously. The app sells for $7.99 in the app store.

- xPrintServer. This small device connects to your wireless router and automatically discovers any printers on your network. It allows iOS users to print directly to any printer on the network from their devices.

- blinQ. This device turns the iPhone into a universal remote. The remote itself plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack. The blinQ iPhone app provides the control interface and social networking features, allowing you to post what you’re watching on Twitter or Facebook.

- PDFpen for iPad. The iPad version of Smile’s PDF editing software (originally for Mac) offers an array of powerful tools for editing and annotating PDF files on the iPad. In addition to the editing features, the app also allows for storing documents in various cloud services including iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Docs, which means that you can edit the same file from either your iPad or your Mac. The app sells for $9.99 in the App Store.

- TourWrist. There are dozens of apps in the App Store that take panoramic photos, and most of them work equally well. TourWrist does something unique, though. It blurs the line between panoramic photo and augmented reality: when you look at a TourWrist image, it moves as you move your iPhone or iPad, making a full 360-degree tour of any environment. Tours created in the app can be uploaded to TourWrist’s website or shared in a variety of other locations. TourWrist is a free universal app available in the App Store.