Mack Brown Talks Charlie Strong's Dismissals


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ESPN analyst, Mack Brown has been fairly quiet about the new Texas coach Charlie Strong but he can't keep quiet anymore.

Brown recently appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show and was asked what he thought about Strong and the nine dismissals he has made since becoming the coach .

"When a coach comes in and takes over a new program, he's adopting 125 new stepchildren," Brown said. "Some of them love the place but a lot of them love the coaches, they came for a different offense, they came for a defense, and every coach is different. All have some similarities but all are different.

"The other thing I've always thought is that when the coach leaves the program he's like the ex-wife. He's gone. He's out. 'She was nice, we liked her, had some great moments and it all worked, but now she's gone' and everyone's excited about the new wife. And that's the way it should be. When you've got a program like Texas or one like USC, every little thing is scrutinized. Charlie had two players leave in the spring. And now that he's had some leave in the fall, it's gotten a lot more attention than it would, say, in a transition at a lot of the other schools that don't get as much attention. But there were kids that left when I came here, there were kids who left when Nick [Saban] went to Alabama. That's part of it, you're just going to have that. And one thing about Texas, it's the good and the bad."

Brown went on to talk about Jameis Winston, who was recently suspended after he shouted a lewd remark in FSU's student union.

"It is a lightning rod," he said. "When I asked coach [Darrell] Royal, 'What's the best thing about coaching at Texas?' he said, 'Twenty-seven million people care about what you do every day of your life.' I said. 'What's the worst thing about coaching at Texas?' and he said, "Twenty-seven million people care about what you do every moment of your life."

"So I've turned all of these thoughts over to Charlie Strong. It's his team, he has a right to do whatever he wants and I have not had an opinion of those. I have not talked to the parents, I haven't talked to the kids. I do know, and I think Charlie would tell you the same thing, no coach ever wants to run off a kid. You want to save him, just like Jameis. You want to give him a second chance, maybe even a third chance because you're talking about a life here. And when you do run one off, you've lost him. It's hard to help him from that standpoint. I'm sure if you talked to Charlie he would say it hurts him to have a kid leave the team as well."

Do you think Brown is right about the dismissals and why do you think Strong is so willing to get rid of players?