Luka Magnotta Arrested at Internet Cafe in Berlin

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Luka Magnotta, otherwise known as the "Canadian Psycho", was apprehended by German authorities on Monday while at an Internet cafe in the city of Berlin. Magnotta, who is suspected of murdering and dismembering his boyfriend Lin Jun, has been in the run since last week. Police originally tracked Magnotta to Paris, though it was thought that he'd boarded a bus bound for Berlin on Friday night. Officials, however, have not officially announced Magnotta's arrest, stating that the individual in custody was picked up on "an international arrest warrant", according to

In addition to murder, Magnotta also faces charges of indignities to a body, publishing and mailing obscene matter, and harassing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other members of Parliament. According to reports, Magnotta, 29, filmed himself murdering and dismembering Lin Jun while listening to a song featured in the Christian Bale movie "American Psycho", which earned the porn star his media nickname.

After cutting Jun into several pieces, Magnotta allegedly sent body parts to several locations, including the headquarters of the Conservative Party in Canada. Another piece, intended for delivery to the Liberal Party offices, was intercepted by authorities before it could reach its destination. Additionally, police located a human torso behind Luka's apartment complex, a grisly discovery which was made by the building's janitor.

Magnotta has a history of peculiar behavior. In addition to smothering kittens and uploading the videos to various websites, the escort/porn star is rumored to have authored a blog post explaining how to disappear, which included comments on how to mislead those who are hot on your trail. Apparently his advice isn't as solid as he thinks it is.

Presently, he is scheduled to go in front of a judge tomorrow.