Ludacris Cheating On Fiancé? 'Love Child' Legal Battle Already In Motion


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It appears rapper-actor Ludacris has definitely pulled a Dwyane Wade. Just like Wade's recent, whirlwind love triangle, the "My Chick Bad" rapper definitely has one of his own. News of Ludacris' newborn child has sent the media into a firestorm.

However, the birth of the child isn't the only intriguing factor of it all. It's the fact that the baby, Cia Bellea Bridges, born Dec. 9, 2013, isn't for his fiancé, Eudoxie Agnan.

According to Yahoo! UK, the baby's mother is actually another woman by the name of Tameka Fuller. However, the "What's Your Fantasy" rapper immediately came to the defense to divert the 'Cheater's Club' classification he'd quickly been given.

The Fast and Furious stated that the child was conceived while he and Agnan were 'on a break' from their long-term relationship. (Just like D-Wade.) While most people take breaks from relationships for space to assess the situation, the "Slap" rapper obviously got side-tracked. But, now it appears Luda is about to face the negative side of it all, as the child support legal battle slowly begins to move forward.

According to TMZ, Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Bridges, has made the executive decision to get the child support ball rolling in an effort to gain the upper hand where the legalities are concerned. He's already filed court documents providing his income to get the lowest monthly payment amount possible.

The publication revealed that the court documents state that he only makes a monthly sum of $25,842.41. Therefore, his monthly child support payment would only equates to $1,754.66 under Georgia law. The total sum of the child support payment is approximately 7 percent of the rapper's monthly income - or so he says.

A number of online media outlets and publications report that the rapper, actor, and businessman is worth a cool $75 million. Forbes even reports that the rapper accumulated more than $12 million just in the year of 2013. The rapper, himself, even re-tweeted a column that stated Forbes' reporting back in September. As a matter of fact, he also clarified that he's made the Forbes Highest Paid in Hip Hop list 'seven years in a row'.

So, the $310,108.92 he's reporting is a far cry from what the numbers are stating, and everyone knows, "Numbers don't lie". So, it should be interesting to see how the legal battle pans out.

Image via Twitter | Ludacris