Lucas Cruikshank Of 'Fred' Fame Comes Out


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If you want to tell the whole world that you are gay then there are fewer avenues that would work more quickly than YouTube. That is especially true if you have one of the many channels that draws millions of watchers on a regular basis. That is the case with Nickelodeon and YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank, who put rumors of his homosexuality to rest.

In a video featuring his close friend Jennifer Veal of Disney Channel's "Jessie", the creator of the Nick show "Fred" revealed to those not in the know that he is, in fact, gay. The video was structured as a Q & A session between the two and their fans, and instead of filtering out the stream of "Are you gay?"s asked them Cruikshank took the opportunity to reveal his true self to the world.

The video has a light mood and the two friends nearly drown in a waterfall of giggles as Cruikshank explains that he has been out for quite some time to those close to him. Veal even adds to the adorableness of the situation by asking if Cruikshank would date her if he were straight.

Cruikshank even addressed the potential awkwardness of coming out on YouTube for the world to see: "My friends and family have known for, like, three years, I just haven't felt the need to announce it on the Internet."

Most young homosexuals have a rough time deciding when to come out, and some never find the right opportunity. It is refreshing and heartwarming to see someone so young and talented be able to do it in front of the world and have it come out like this.