LSU, Georgia Fans Use YouTube To Prepare Us For SEC Championship

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The SEC Championship is this weekend, as Georgia and LSU get ready to battle for conference supremacy. The favored LSU Tigers are playing for a BCS Championship berth, while the Georgia Bulldogs are playing for legitimacy.

No, the Bulldogs won't make the BCS Championship if they win, but if they do beat LSU, they'll certainly put themselves in position for a more lucrative bowl game payday. The truth is, even if LSU loses, as long as they don't get stomped out in the process, they'll probably make the BCS Championship anyway, meaning Georgia is the team with the most to win when the game kicks off on Saturday afternoon.

With that in mind, that's probably what motivated the following video from Georgia fans, which, according to the blog I found it on, represents a new low in the annals of Georgia hip hop:

While I'm not one to be as judgmental as others, although, it is pretty cringe-worthy. It should also be noted that of the 1000-plus Facebook reactions to Georgia's video, 691 are dislikes, with only 464 likes. Hey, at least there are shots of the Georgia cheerleaders, right? Naturally, LSU fans responded in kind, and it's really hard to say which fanbase wins here, but first, try LSU's video on for size:

"LS Who? It's LSU. Where's BCS title, dawgs? Cause we got two." Nothing says fan battle like coming strong like that. What's next? Videos of fans fighting in the stands? Actually, that's par for the course for most sporting events, but it wouldn't it be the least bit surprising if more started showing up on YouTube during the LSU/Georgia game.

With that, who ya got? After the season LSU's had, it's almost impossible to pick against, unless, of course, you're one of the Georgia fans who showed up in that video.