LSU Fraternity Apologizes, But May Still Be in Hot Water


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As if LSU's 45-13 victory over Kent State, wasn't enough Saturday, some Tiger fans just had to take it to another level. However, in this case, it may have been better just to leave well enough alone. The Zeta Zeta Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity has been under fire and scrutiny since an offensive banner was hung in front of the fraternity's house. Then, to add insult to injury, an image of the mocking banner surfaced on Twitter.

The banner read, “Getting Massacred is Nothing New to Kent St.,” which compared Kent State's loss on the field to the campus shooting of 1970. The historic event happened when shots rang out from Ohio National Guard, while 2000 student protesters were caught in the crossfire. Four students were fatally shot, while nine more were wounded. The offensive banner caused such a stir over the pass few days that it has attracted national attention. On Sunday, statements of response were exchanged between officials of both universities. LSU officials issued a statement of response, while Delta Kappa Epsilon offered a formal statement of apology.

Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity's formal apology stated:

“We, the men of Zeta Zeta, formally apologize to your entire community for the banner that was hung from our house this past weekend. The sign was inappropriate and should never have been hung in the first place. We hope that the Kent State community can forgive our action and accept our sincere apologies. We apologize not only to the community of Kent State, but also to those who were personally affected by this tragedy in American history. Hanging the banner was a poor attempt at humor. We, as young college students, did not grasp the full scoop of the tragedy and it's long lasting effects. This is not how we would like to represent our fraternity as well as our school, and we certainly hope we did not put a negative spin on your school's visit to Louisiana State University.”

The fraternity also hung a banner of apology to Kent State.

In most cases, such actions of formality would defuse this type of situation. However, this case is a little different. The Advocate reports that Delta Kappa Epsilon has a reputation for controversial banners that include derogatory references. Business Insider goes on to provide even more visual examples of the fraternity's infamous behavior and ill-suited comments toward other universities LSU has played during football season.


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Since statements of apology haven't quite stopped the fraternity in the past, the university is still trying to decide what further actions can be taken to prevent any recurrences. The fraternity came off of a two-year suspension in 2006, now it looks as they they may be headed back down the same road.

Image via WAFB's Jacques Doucet on Twitter