Lorde's Bizarre Grammy Performance


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It seems the Grammy's were a little darker and a tad more odd this year from Katy Perry's witchy "Dark Horse" performance to Lorde spazzing out while singing the song that made her a hit, "Royals."

The performance started out with the lights fading on the musician as clips of her song faded in and out, creating a haunting effect. There was static line of light and sound as the 17-year-old stood in silence. After a deliberate static shock exploded the star ever-so-carefully began singing her song, creating a beautifully exaggerated into that energized the fans the very second her voice filled the air.

Her left hand swayed in motion with the slowed-down version of her hit song as she let her body pop and fizzle with every move of the music. At first it came off as poetic and offered as a sign of how in touch she was with her own music but as the song continued, it registered as more wacky than musical.

The audience didn't seem to have a problem with it, constantly cheering over the haunting rendition of "Royals."

While it was clear she was singing over a softer recorded backup track, her vocals were spot on. Lorde proved to be a strong live-performer, beautifully showcasing her wispy yet enchanting voice.

Lorde took home the Grammy for Best Song of the Year.

Image Via YouTube