Look At This Creepy Gene Simmons Bug


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You too can rock n' roll all night and party ev-er-y day with this incredibly F-ed up Gene Simmons inspired classic VW. That is, if you live or can travel to Denver, Colorado. That's where the the car is listed on Craigslist. All it takes is $10,000 and a desire to invest that money in freaking everyone out.

From the actual listing: "Car will be finished in 40 days (in time for concert) come see it now, buy it as is for less, or put downdeposit to hold it for you and your coolest friends to take to “Comfort Dental Ampitheater” Aug 8th."

Driving this around a KISS concert would certainly make you a hit, so some rich dude that loves KISS is sure to buy it.


The car features Gene Simmon's visage (obviously), but it also sports rope on top for the hair, a new engine, new modified body and many other restorations.


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