Lolo Jones Talks Early Elimination From 'Dancing With the Stars'


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Lolo Jones only made it through one performance on the 19th season of Dancing With the Stars before being eliminated.

Apparently, she made an early mistake in her dance routine and was unable to rebound before she was axed from the popular dance series.

Now, she's suffering from the aftermath. Lots of fans felt she was quite bitter and displeased with the elimination. However, she's opted to set the record straight.

On Tuesday, September 16, the Olympian spoke with E! News about the elimination and public response she's received. Surprisingly, the negative response has been quite overwhelming. She's even reportedly been receiving hate messages, reports Hollywood Reporter. So, now she's putting the whole ordeal into perspective.

"I wish I could've rebounded better," Jones admitted to the publication. "I was literally holding back the tears from crying and I had all that makeup on, and I was like, 'Don't mess up your makeup!'"

She also opted to open up about her feelings. Although most spectators thought she displayed bitterness, she revealed she was actually quite nervous.

"People thought I was just being a bitter contestant...Keo had to pull me aside a couple of times, and I was like, 'I can't breathe. I can't believe I just did that. I can't believe I messed up the whole dance.' And he was just trying to calm me down and was like, 'We'll be fine, we'll be fine.'"

Last night, the 32-year-old track and field star also posted an intimate message to Facebook addressing her fans.

"My prayer tonight is for God to soften me and my heart. When you go so many times rejected in public you put walls up," she said.

"When I was dancing last night and messed up I had flashbacks of the three Olympics and that people constantly tease me about. I thought oh no here it comes again. People are going to ridicule me. I'm so tired of feeling embarrassed," she explained.

She admitted she couldn't fake how she truly felt. The elimination was an embarrassing moment and she felt like a failure.

"I joined the other competitors upstairs and I ...couldn't force a smile on my face. I felt like vomiting and in between the other dances I went in a back room and fought back tears. I felt so broken. So unlovable. Embarrassed," she revealed.

Although she didn't make it to a second performance on Dancing With the Stars, one thing is evident - she's human. Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8:00pm on ABC.