Lodi High School Lockdown Lifted After An Hour

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Lodi High in Bergen County, New Jersey was on lockdown this morning after reports that someone thought they saw a gunman, and a threat had been phoned into the school, according to Fox.

Announcements were made over the loud speaker at 10:30 am that it was not a drill, and that a possible gunman was in the building. Students remained in their classrooms, pushing desks against doors and huddling in corners. A search was made, and students were patted down, but investigations turned up nothing. The lockdown was lifted around an hour later.

A student account from ABC states, "We were in gym class, and on the loudspeaker, all you hear is lockdown, lockdown. So we just got into lockdown mode. We would hide inside the showers and lockdown all the buildings, and we were just sitting there. And then the cops came to the door and said, 'We're the police. Are you guys safe?'...They called lockdown off after they cleared the building. They just wanted to make sure everything was safe. We got patted down by police and got released one by one."

The lockdown also affected the nearby school district of Hasbrouck Heights which was close enough to be concerned. The school officials are understandably jumpy these days after numerous reports recently of school shootings and violence all over the country becoming more and more commonplace.

Central Connecticut State University was on lockdown Monday after reports that a man wearing a costume was thought to have a gun, and the terrible incident at Westfield Garden State Plaza mall on Monday night, where the gunman committed suicide.

What a world to bring children up in, right? Students and staff went home after the lockdown was lifted, and will return tomorrow.

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