Lisa Vanderpump Talks Getting A Star In Palm Springs

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Lisa Vanderpump will be honored next week with a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars, but she says she may have a problem when it comes to the area's notorious heat.

"There is the rule that you don't wear mid-colored silks because that shows the sweat. I'd love to say I'll be glowing but I'll probably be sweating. I have to figure this one out. And I have to wear makeup for the cameras but it will probably be in a puddle beside me," she said.

Vanderpump is coming back to The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, although she says she wasn't happy with how the last season went. It's been a trying year for the reality star and her husband, Ken Todd; although they opened their exclusive restaurant, PUMP, he was sued by a pair of brothers who say he assaulted them and then tried to blackmail them. As for going back to the show, Vanderpump says she was under contract.

"Last season was awful and I think the viewers were very uncomfortable about that and I did feel like quitting after that. But time is a great healer and after six months, I kind of reconnected with a couple of them and I thought, 'OK, I'll go back in. I was under contract with Bravo…Will I regret it? I don't know."

It's rumored that Lisa Rinna will be joining the housewives for the upcoming season, and if she does, she'll fit right in; the actress has known some of the other ladies for a long time.

"Lisa has been friends with Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump for years," a source said.

Sisters Kyle and Kim Richards are set to return to the show, but some of the series regulars--including Brandi Glanville--haven't been announced yet.

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