LinkedIn Better Than Facebook or Twitter!


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Want to generate a lot of leads for your business and not spend a lot of money? In a survey-based study by HubSpot, business's who used LinkedIn to showcase their services generated 3 times as many leads as when they used Facebook or Twitter.

This should come as no surprise to those who are business minded. Linkedin is more of a no non-sense social networking site. "I don't wanna see pictures of your gandchild, I wanna know what your company can do for me". This mentality rules out Facebook and Twitter seems less than organized for targeted searches of a professional nature.

Business minded people are drawn to Linkedin and the numbers don't lie. Check out this bar graph assembled by HubSpot:

Some tricks to using LinkedIn for growing your business include paying attention to what's already working for you on the site. Look at what draws customers in and do more of that. It just makes sense. Why do you think big company's always ask, "How did you hear about us?".

Also, stay vigilant. Just because blogs about your industry are mentioning you and bringing in leads doesn't mean that is the only vehicle you should rely on. Keep expanding your horizons and testing the waters. Exposure in different circles can be crucial to expanding your base of customers.

Word of mouth is still the best way to gain fame in any arena. People love to reccommend services. It makes them feel connected. If someone has an overwhelmingly positive experience or unique story about your services, attempt to capture that feedback and get it visible to other potential clients.

Not that Facebook isn't a good place to advertise, but to me, it seems like more of a 'family and friends' network. Concentrate on something designed for strict business and marketing connections.