LinkedIn Adds New Features to Recruiter

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LinkedIn has launched a couple new features for LinkedIn Recruiter, aimed at making it easier to manage projects and talent. They have added one-page project management and the ability to set reminders on profiles.

"If you've ever run across a potential candidate who isn't ready to move or needs to be guided through the recruitment process before they apply, in the past you've probably kept a task list offline to come back to that prospect to either keep them warm," says LinkedIn's Prasad Gune. "With the new feature, you'll be able to set a reminder on their profile, including a date and time due.  Your home page module shows the reminders that you've set on individual profiles by date so you don’t miss any opportunities to re-engage a potential candidate."

"With a new feature in this release, every user will be able to control how projects show up on their personal homepage, and manage other project options in bulk," he says of the other new feature. "This includes the ability to search for project names, for those of you with tens/hundreds of projects! Not only will this allow you to streamline your user interface and help you focus on the projects you really care about, but removing projects you aren’t using also improves the performance of the application."

Manage My Projects

LinkedIn provides a video demo of the new features here. In addition, LinkedIn made a few other minor changes.

They've introduced a new option to provide profiles in a Project either as a table or list. InMail now comes in the form of a dialog instead of a page. The "Save to Project" dialog now closes automatically upon save, and users of LinkedIn's Talent Direct product will see a new section to review respondents. Also, the OFCCP tracking code is now referred to as "Tracking ID."

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