Linda Blair Uses "Exorcist" Earnings To Help Animals

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Linda Blair, the freaky girl in The Exorcist and animal rights activist, is known for helping boost the success of animal shelters around the country. On Friday, she really helped out the Indianapolis Humane Society.

Blair says she wanted to be a veterinarian when she was 13. Then she began filming The Exorcist and Vet school was why she wanted to save her earnings from the movie.

She didn't go on to become a veterinarian, but Linda Blair's Hollywood success from many a cheesy movie from the 70s and 80s enabled her to support her favorite cause. Why is she still so active in working to save animals?

“What happened really in the last 17 years is that the pet overpopulation became so overwhelming,” she said.

Blair told that she runs one of the largest shelters in America. 100 Plus Dogs is located in southern California and it began in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina.

Many dogs and cats were orphaned during that storm, and she wanted to help. So, Linda Blair built the facility “because I had taken responsibility for so many of the animals down there. And I bought a property and all that.” she said.

John Aleshire, Executive Director of the Indianapolis Humane Society, was glad to have Blair's help.

“It’s the kind of attention the Indy Humane Society appreciates. We see crowds in the lobby."

He continued, “We see people who want to support us. We see people who want to volunteer. We see people who realize that we’re more than just a shelter. We have a vaccination clinic. We have a wellness center.”

Such a great cause for a star like Linda Blair to be able to support! Good luck to her as she continues to help animals across America.

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