Lilyhammer Season 2 Release Date Will Be In 2013

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Netflix just released its Q2 earnings report along with a letter from CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells. More on the earnings (and a live interview with the two) here.

In a section of the letter talking about Netflix original content, the two said they'd be "delighted" to produce another season of Arrested Development if possible. The company has already ordered second seasons of the rest of its original shows (at least the ones that have already come out). They've been in talks to get Arrested Development Season 5 off the ground.

We've known that Lilyhammer Season 2 was in production, but now we know it will be out before the year's end, as Reed and Wells indicated that it remains on the 2013 menu.

Later this month, we will premiere Mako Mermaids, a series aimed at teen audiences, while for the remainder of 2013 we will launch the Ricky Gervais series Derek and season two of Lilyhammer,followed by Turbo: F.A.S.T.(Fast Action Stunt Team), our first animated Original from DreamWorks Animation. We’re excited about our plans for 2014 and beyond as we premiere season two of House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and Orange is the New Black, and debut Sense 8, and multiple kids Originals from DreamWorks Animation.

While Lilyhammer was not nominated for any, Netflix shows have 14 Emmy nominations among them, which is pretty good for the company's reputation for original programming. The Emmy-related buzz (not to mention the critical acclaim for the new Orange is the New Black) could just get more people to check out Lilyhammer as well, and for those new to it, they'll have an added bonus of getting the second season fairly quickly.

Lilyhammer was Netflix's first original series.

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