Lily Allen On How "Weird" Social Media Is

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Lily Allen spoke up about her feelings regarding social media recently, particularly sites like Instagram and Twitter that only give glimpses into someone's life. The singer may use the services herself, but she says it's weird that we all enjoy looking at photos of other people all the time.

"We live in a world where people are obsessed with the way everybody looks. It's just the way it is. Instagram is huge, even bigger than Twitter these days, and that's because people want to look at pictures of other people. It's fucking weird that we're all doing it," she said.

The singer, who just released Sheezus, has taken quite a bit of criticism over the way she looks (like most females in the spotlight), from her weight to her hair, so it's not surprising that she might have mixed feelings about sites like Instagram. Allen isn't shy about using it, however, posting photos recently of her brightly colored tresses.

Despite the criticism, Allen has remained dedicated to her craft and says she wouldn't even let her personal life come before fans.

"I actually had to cancel a bunch of European dates. It was because of poor ticket sales, not because I wanted to spend some more time with my family. But my PR people were saying, 'That's the way we should play it, and say that you want to be with your kids.' But it's not true. I mean, I do want to be with my kids, but I would never use them as an excuse to cancel shows. It is tough, but once you've made a commitment and people have started buying tickets to your show, I couldn't just cancel a week before a gig. That would be grossly unfair," she said.

Amanda Crum
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