Lily Allen Brings Her Kids On Tour


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Many mothers struggle with balancing their careers and their families. Although Lily Allen has a successful music career, she is no different.
Allen previously claimed that while she loved her children, she found being a stay-at-home mother boring.

She also didn’t feel comfortable leaving her kids to be raised by someone else while she was pursuing her career.

"I manage it in probably the same way all other working mums manage it, you know? And actually, it's probably a lot easier for me because I've got a bit of money, and nannies, and my job's really fun, so it's fine. I'm very happy, very lucky," she said.

Allen was able to find a balance and when she starts her new tour, her children will be on the tour bus with her. Allen will be touring with Miley Cyrus and while she certainly doesn’t have a problem with Miley, it’s not likely that she will want her children learning any of Miley’s bad habits.

"They are going to meet me in New York and then come on the bus with me and Miley. I don't think Miley will [really] be on my bus, obviously she's welcome, but I think she's probably got other plans. So, yeah they're going to come with me," she said.

Allen’s children are one and two and Allen is already pretty strict with them.

"We ban all social media, all Internet is banned in our house," she said.

"I'm just trying to say as much stuff as I possibly can so that when my kids are old enough to Google, all the bad things have got so far back in the internet they're on page 7,465,000."

Aside from her tour, Allen will also be headlining the Latitude Festival. Indie band Two Door Cinema was originally supposed to headline the event, but they had to back out after their frontman became ill.

Not everyone was happy about the change and Lily received a lot of criticism for becoming the replacement.

What do you think of Lily Allen as a performer and a parent?

Image via Wikimedia Commons