Lilit Avagyan: Did Reggie Bush Marry Kim Kardashian Look-Alike?


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They say some men have a type of woman to whom they are always attracted. It’s usually easy to tell when the women they date and marry all seem to have common physical attributes.

Maybe they’re all curvy blondes or short redheads.

Reggie Bush seems to be such a man. He recently tied the knot with fiance Lilit Avagyan.

Since hooking up with and marrying Avagyan, many have pointed out that Bush seems to have ended up with a woman that looks an awful lot like ex-lover Kim Kardashian.

The women are quite comparable in terms of physical attributes. They both have long dark hair, olive complexions, sharply-shaped eyebrows, and deep brown eyes. Not to mention curvy physiques.

Both women even have Armenian roots.

However, just because the ladies look similar does not make them clones. There are some notable differences between the two women.

Kardashian is a reality tv star and Avagyan is a professional dancer.

Perhaps the women might represent a physical look that Bush finds appealing, but it’s fair to say that Avagyan seems to bring far less drama (and television cameras) into the Detroit Lions running back’s life.

Avagyan and Bush have a young child together. Meanwhile, Kardashian shares a child with husband Kanye West.

Though rumors were flying about possible unfaithfulness when Bush and Kardashian were together, it’s clear enough that the two have moved on and are settled in their new relationships.

As it turns out, a member of the Kardashian clan was on hand to wish Bush and Avagyan a happy new life together.

Brody Jenner, the step-brother of Kim Kardashian, attended the wedding and even posted images of the event via his Instagram account.

Was this a subtle message to his stepsister?

After all, it was widely noted that he passed on attending his step-sister’s wedding.

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