Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Out Today, Nets Players Exclusive DLC


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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII promises to be the most radical departure from the norm in Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy VIII added Guardian Forces and magic drawing to the mix. The changes might have some long-time fans apprehensive about the quality of the game and that's why Square Enix is proving a demo before it releases in February. It's not just any demo, however, as it also will attempt to coax you into buying the full game with the promise of exclusive DLC.

Square Enix announced this morning that a Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo will hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 today. In the demo, players will be tasked with tracking Snow in the city of Yusnaan. It will give you a taste of the exploration and battle system found within Lightning Returns.

As for the exclusive DLC, players who download the demo will get the Utsusemi Samurai outfit to use in the full game. Those who are able to complete the demo by defeating the boss and uploading your score to social networks via Square Enix' Outerworld will unlock an additional outfit. This outfit is called Siegfried and is based upon the character of the same name from Final Fantasy VI. It should be noted that the Utsusemi Samurai outfit is exclusive to PS3 owners.

Square Enix notes that the offer of exclusive DLC is still available for those who pre-order the game. You'll not only get the Cloud Strife outfit, but those who pre-order through Amazon will get the Yuna outfit as well.

Image via PlayStation Blog