Liam Hemworths Wants To Call It Quits With Miley


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Miley Cyrus has succeeded in shedding her good girl image and is now bordering on the lines of crazy girl. After her performance at the VMA’s, even some of her most loyal fans were shaking their heads. According to sources close to Liam Hemsworth, he has also had enough of Miley’s acting out and is ready to end their relationship. An insider says:

"The VMAs is the straw that will break him. He wants out of the relationship. All of his family and management are begging him to break it off and publicly move on."

This is understandable since most men aren’t comfortable watching their girlfriends/fiancés twerking on other guys, even if it was during a performance. The two seemed like an odd couple to many anyways. Liam is a very classy and put-together gentleman, while Miley has become a little out of touch with reality.Fans of the couple may not want to see the engagement end, but it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering how rocky the relationship has been. The two have called off the engagement more than once and lately they have seemed a little off even when they are together.

It’s pretty safe to say that Liam won’t have to worry about being lonely for too long if the relationship does come to an end. With his talent and good looks, the Hollywood ladies will be flocking to him as soon as he becomes available. Miley doesn’t seem to be too upset or surprised about the news either. A source close to her says: “She doesn’t care at all,” “She’s young and if he wants to go, she thinks it’s fine.” Even though Miley has been letting her wild side show, there are plenty of men out there that dig that in a girl too. Another source says that the two are constantly working and never see each other even though they live together in Toluca Lake, California. With so many strains on the relationship, maybe going separate ways would be best for both of the young stars.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.