Let's Celebrate The Strange And Wondrous Career Of Steve Ballmer


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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced today that he would be retiring within the next 12 months after working with the tech company for more than 30 years. To celebrate the life and career of Microsoft's energetic CEO, here's a collection of Ballmer's best moments from YouTube user mekintosz7. It includes everything from his time as a Windows 3.1 salesman all the way up to his infamous press conferences as CEO.

Look, Ballmer made mistakes during his time as Microsoft CEO. Some would even argue that he's responsible for Microsoft's current struggles with Windows 8. Even so, he's one of the few tech CEOs that got truly excited around his company products and wasn't afraid to show it on stage. You may see a screaming madman in the above video, but I just see passion (and a bad A Night at the Roxbury parody).

So, here's to you, Ballmer. May you always be remembered as the guy who called Eric Schmidt "a f*cking p*ssy."

[Image: YouTube/mekintosz7]