Lenovo Announces Vibe Z, Three Other Smartphones


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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starts next week, but brands are already jumping the gun and announcing upcoming products.

Lenovo today announced four new smartphones that will lead its mobile lineup in 2014.

The most noteworthy of Lenovo's new offerings is the Vibe Z, the company's high-end offering and its first smartphone to offer 4G LTE capabilities. The device will retail for $549 and will launch in a few countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Phillippines) starting in February.

The Vibe Z comes with a 5.5-inch, 1920x1080 display sporting 400 ppi. It also has a 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 13MP rear camera (5MP front camera), and up to 16GB of storage.

The rest of Lenovo's offerings are lower-end offerings that will likely sell better in emerging markets.

Two "S Series" offerings have lower hardware specs than the Vibe Z and accompanying lower prices. The S930 comes with a larger 6-inch screen, but one that has only a 1280x720 resolution. The S650's screen has an even lower resolution of 960x540 and is only 4.7 inches. The S930 will sell for $319, while the S650 will cost customers only $229. Both are available now in countries where Lenovo smartphones are already sold.

Lenovo's lowest-end offering is the A859, a smartphone designed for consumers looking specifically for cost effectiveness. Starting today the device sells for just $219 and comes with a 5-inch, 1280x720 screen, and 8GB of storage.