Leah Remini Leaves "Dancing With The Stars"


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Last week Remini Tweeted: "Thank you for the votes and once again keeping us in the game." However, Remini and her professional dancing partner, Tony Dovolani, did not receive the votes again this week and were eliminated during the semifinals from the popular dancing competition, "Dancing with the Stars".

"I take away so much. ... This has been an amazing experience," Remini said after hearing the results. "I want to thank everyone so much - Tony especially."

Dovolani had nothing but nice things to say about Remini. "I’ve never looked so forward to practice every day," he said.

In a recent interview with E!'s, Terrence Jenkins and Jason Kennedy, Remini discussed her reservations about doing the show.

"I really was living in a place of fear, I do things that I'm comfortable with…but if you're never stretching yourself, you're never really growing," she said. "And I always said no to the show, and then I was like--you know with what I had done--I was like, I need to start doing things that I'm scared of, and this is the time to do it."

Coming back for next weeks finals are: Amber Riley, Corbin Bleu, Bill Engvall and Jack Osbourne.

Image via Twitter