Lauren Tannehill Leaves Rifle In Rental Car


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Judith Flessig, a mom from New York who was vacationing in Florida with her daughter, had an unnerving discovery when she opened a bag in the Nissan Rogue that she had rented from E-Z Rent-A-Car.

Inside the bag was an assault rifle that was apparently left behind by model and wife to the Miami Dolphins' quarterback, Lauren Tannehill. The weapon was confirmed to be an AR-15 rifle, valued at nearly $2,000.

“We got out of the car, we were kind of freaked out,” Fleissig said as she recalled the moment she found the weapon. “I didn’t want to touch it.” After contacting the rental company, Flessig turned over the rifle to the nearest police station, following the rental company's suggestion.

The gun is registered to Ryan Tannehill, and he immediately called the rental company to report a missing item when they realized it was gone. “Though dangerous if it would have landed in the wrong hands, it’s not criminal,” Broward sheriff's spokeswoman Keyla Concepción said. “They simply forgot it.”

While many would find it odd that the couple would have a semi-automatic assault rifle, apparently they enjoy going shooting together quite often. In 2012, Lauren tweeted two pictures of her and her hubby at the gun range and captioned them by saying: "Shooting together" and "Don't mess with me."

Image via Twitter