Laura Prepon May Be Secretly Dating Fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise


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In all of the wild celebrity pairings, many people would probably not think that they would see Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise in a relationship. The two of them have reportedly been dating for several months, but they have worked hard to keep things a secret from the public.

The two actors have been drawn to one another due to their shared beliefs in Scientology, the religion that has gained Tom Cruise a great deal of attention outside of his film career in recent years.

While they are both doing their best to keep the relationship a secret, a relationship between Cruise and Prepon was bound to surface eventually. It was recently reported that the two were dating, and an insider said that "It’s the buzz on the set of her show," which could mean that they are telling some friends, but not wanting to make it public yet.

Laura Prepon has been winning over audiences through her career in television, and while she got her start on That 70's Show, she just finished wrapping up season 2 of Orange Is The New Black, the incredibly popular Netflix show that features her as a woman serving time in prison for dealing drugs. The show just released a new trailer, and is set to launch its second season on June 6th.

It was originally rumored that Laura Prepon was linked to Tom Cruise after they were spotted having dinner together in Los Angeles. The date was back in November, and it seems that the two may have been linked for longer than some people might think.

Cruise has not been romantically linked to anyone since his divorce from actress Katie Holmes in 2012. As people probably already figured, there is a significant age gap between the two, with Cruise being 51 years old, and Prepon being 34, just one year younger than Holmes.

Reps for both Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon continue to deny the fact that they are dating, and back in November, an insider told Entertainment Weekly that "They see each other at some functions, but they are not dating."

Tom Cruise has been married three times already, but perhaps a shared belief in Scientology will be what he needs in his next relationship in order to make things last with Laura Prepon.

It is clearly an important thing for both of them, and Prepon first went public regarding her Scientology beliefs in 2007, in an interview featured in Women’s Health. Cruise's last marriage failed in part due to converting Katie Holmes, while she was also concerned about their daughter Suri's involvement with the church of Scientology.

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