Larry Flynt: Upgrade Your Magazine Hiding Techniques


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In the very near future, you won't need to hide your Hustler magazines from Mommy Dearest or Dearest Wife; Larry Flynt, the number one most "Powerful Person in Porn" according to some, tells us in a CBS Sunday Morning Interview that Hustler magazine is on its way to the internet.

Flynt fought battles to keep Hustler alive in its early days (how many adult content mavericks can say that someone has tried to assassinate them?), and he doesn't plan to abandon it, despite the fact that the magazine has dropped to below 100,000 issue purchases a month now.

With the virtually unlimited amount of adult content readily available for anyone with a click of a button these days, Flynt is rolling with the times and is only selling the magazine online starting next month. To be fair, most magazines are struggling with physical copy purchases-- and most already have online versions of their magazine.

If there is any word to describe Larry Flynt, controversial has to be it. He is not as widely loved as his colleague Hugh Hefner, and the reasons might possibly be warranted. With the first issues of Hustler in 1974, the world had access to women portrayed in a bit less of a tasteful manner than Playboy. Possibly in attempts to separate himself from the 20-year-old magazine that had a monopoly on adult content, Flynt introduced the world to the first instances of a woman with an open vagina in a magazine. His decision to print nude pictures of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis purchased from the paparazzi certainly didn't increase his popularity either.

Either way, Flynt continues to glide about in his gold-plated wheelchair taking advantage of his God-given American rights, and people will either love or hate it. The jury is out to determine if a large number of people worldwide suddenly become computer whizzes as they make sure to leave no virtual tracks of visiting the upcoming virtual Hustler magazine.

Image via WikiCommons