Lamar Odom "Hits Rock Bottom" After Knicks Drop

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Lamar Odom's dreams of an NBA comeback have just about officially been shattered. Odom has now been dropped from the Knicks for good, and didn't even play a game for them in the remaining 2013-2014 season.

Lamar Odom is a free agent at this point and could possibly get picked up by another team, but chances are slim. Very slim.

A source close to Lamar Odom revealed that he had been working hard, sleeping right, eating right and really trying to ensure that he was ready to do his best to fish his flailing NBA career out of the toilet. However, the news that he was dropped from the Knicks really kicked him in the groin.

The source close to Lamar Odom said, “He really put his heart into it. But when he got word that he wasn’t up to par, his whole world dropped. He’s at rock bottom. But it wasn’t a surprise. He knew this was one great possibility from the jump.”

Unfortunately, Lamar Odom has made a few too many headlines as of late for the Knicks to be comfortable with. He is allegedly battling an addiction and his marriage to Khloe Kardashian has crumbled amid rumors of carousing and infidelity.

“This is truly not the way Lamar wanted to go out,” the source continued. “Not at all. Not that he gives a f*ck about what people think about him, but he doesn’t want his [alleged] addiction and his failed marriage to overshadow what he’s accomplished as a professional athlete in the NBA.”

However, it does seem like his stellar accomplishments with the NBA are being a little overlooked and are dwelling in the shadows of his recent mistakes.

“Nobody is talking about the legends he’s played with and the mini-legend he was,” according to the same insider. “That sh*t is not sitting well with him and that’s going through his mind.

“If basketball is done, if it’s truly done for him, he wants to go out in a better light. [Lamar] feels he owes that to himself, to his family, and to the NBA fans who’ve stuck by and supported him in his difficult times, and who were also there cheering him on in championship games.”

Maybe some other team will give the recovering basketball star just one more chance at greatness. We shall see.

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