Lamar Odom Enters Rehab After Arrest

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Lamar Odom has reportedly entered rehab for a struggle with drugs and alcohol abuse.

The basketball and reality star was pulled over last Friday for driving erratically in the San Fernando Valley and was arrested for DUI; he was later freed on $15,000 bail. Odom has been struggling for years with addiction and was suspended twice from the Clippers for infractions involving drugs. Rumors circled the web earlier this month that his wife, Khloe, had kicked him out following an unsuccessful intervention and that he went missing for over 72 hours as his family feared for his safety. Odom is believed to be struggling with an addiction to crack, but has had no comment thus far.

Khloe and Lamar have also been dealing with rumors that their marriage is on the rocks after a woman claiming to be Odom's mistress came forward in the media and said she had spent several nights with the athlete and had even been busted by Khloe, who confronted her in a hotel room.

“I told her to leave, but she refused. I called the front desk and asked them to call the police because I was so scared, but no one ever came,” Polina Polonsky said. “While Khloe was screaming outside the door, Lamar was calling people to come and get her. She was out of control. The whole scene was so frightening — and I couldn’t understand why we were hiding, because he made it clear that he didn’t want to be with her! She’s investigated my loved ones, and she personally tried to attack me. I can’t even go home, because I’m scared that something bad will happen. I want my story to be made public.”

Through it all, however, Khloe and her family have maintained that there is nothing wrong in the relationship and that they are as happy as ever. The Kardashian family matriarch, Kris, even commented on the ordeal, saying that there was absolutely no talk of divorce.

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