Lamar Odom- Appears After His DUI and Rehab


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Lamar Odom like many celebrities, seemed to stray away from his responsibilities and made the unwise decision to drink and drive. After his DUI arrest he admitted he had a problem and surprised many people when he went to rehab. Rumors began to surface that Odom had a drug problem and had even been seen doing cocaine. During this chaos, his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian had not heard from him and did not know where he was.Things have been rough for the couple and Odom's drug addiction took them to new heights. A mistress even spread rumors that Odom was paranoid while on drugs.

After leaving rehab, Odom has made very few appearances. He was recently seen inside the apartment building where he currently lives. Photos of the athlete show him talking to fans, signing autographs and smiling photos. It seems as though life after rehab is looking better for Odom but is it just a phase? Many drug addicts have a hard time after leaving rehab and there is no word on whether Kardashian has talked to Odom since he left the rehab facility.

Odom was seen earlier in the evening eating at a sushi restaurant called Teru Sushi. Fans watched as he talked and enjoyed dinner with two friends at the restaurant and then returned home for the remainder of the evening. During his dinner other guests noticed that he seems happy and relaxed in the setting and with his friends.

A source close to Kardashian says, "Khloe is so exhausted by everything. She doesn't know what's going on." While fans of the couple may hope to see them back together soon, only time will tell if they can save their marriage and get back on track as a family.

Image from EOnline.