Lake Michigan's Shoreline Is Filling Up With Massive Ice Balls [Video]


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Well, everyone knows how cold it has been in Michigan for the past couple of weeks, causing many people to lose power. Recently, something that people in Michigan have come to refer to as "ice balls" have started showing up on the shore of Lake Michigan.

The weather has had drastic turns in all parts of the country, but it has hit especially hard with the cold and the snow in the Northeast and the Midwest.

Lake Michigan has always been known for its beauty as well as some odd sights over the years, and this is certainly one to marvel at in both ways.

It is something that has been seen before on the shore of Lake Michigan, but still quite a sight to see for anyone who is not familiar. The ice balls form in water that is just below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and start out as small chunks of ice.

From there, the chunks form layer by layer, as the waves shape them into spheres, eventually ending up on the shore.

The lighthouses have also been making their own kind of art pieces along with the help of the cold. Check out this graphic.

The ice balls have been forming in Glen Arbor, Michigan which is north of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. A similar incident happened near Traverse City almost a year ago when huge boulders that were up to about 50 pounds in size started washing up.

This particular winter phenomenon is not something that is new to the area, but the size of the ice balls is what is truly alarming.

Parts of Lake Michigan have also completely frozen over for the first time since 1936 during the brutal winter that people are experiencing in Michigan right now.

With the brutal temperatures that people in Michigan and other parts of the Midwest have been experiencing, it has been dangerous for some people. All over the country, regions are experiencing the coldest temperatures in many years, and in some places, it is the coldest that it has ever been.

When people lost power in Michigan, people were forced to turn to their neighbors or try to make it on their own. How is everyone finding ways to deal with this rough winter?

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