Lady Gaga Tweets About Manning's Sentence

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Facebook and Twitter are blowing up with varying comments on the recent sentencing  of U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning. And it’s become evident that the buzz isn’t dying within the celebrity circle either.

During a recent MTV Video Music Awards prep, pop sensation, Lady Gaga tweeted out a very unhappy text in regards to the sentencing of Manning.


Manning was sentenced to life in prison along with another 21 additional charges. sharing more than 700,000 government files to the website Wikileaks nearly three years ago.

Apparently it's not only Lady that's going "Gaga" over the recent sentencing of Manning. Big time musicians from Roger Waters to Moby are even involved in a brand new campaign backing Manning called “I am Bradley Mannning.”

The Campaign which has joined forces with dozens of celebrities and public figures has created a video that simply asks the audience what they would do if they were in Manning’s situation, holding signs that say, “I am Bradley Manning.” Even Pentagon Papers Leaker, Daniel Ellsberg has a small cameo saying, “I was Bradley Manning.”

The video traces along the details of Manning's trial as well as word-by-word retellings of what he leaked that now has him now behind bars.

While the campaign video hasn’t exactly gone viral, Gaga’s original tweet has certainly done well with 4,620 retweets and a whopping 3,065 people marking it as a favorite.

Gaga’s known for the dramatic flair so perhaps she’ll make a statement about the Manning sentencing at her opening performance of the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards this Sunday? Stay tuned.

Watch the "I am Bradley Manning"