L.A. City Council Confirms Support Of Google Apps


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Los Angeles's adoption of Google apps has been called groundbreaking by some onlookers.  It's also been a cause for concern in certain circles, with delays cropping up and the police department citing security fears.  Now there's (more) good news for Google, though, as the L.A. city council has again given Google Apps a thumbs up.

Jocelyn Ding, a director of operations at the search giant, wrote late yesterday in a post on the Official Google Enterprise Blog, "Earlier today, the Los Angeles city council voted unanimously in favor of completing the City's move to Google Apps.  More than 10,000 City employees are already using Google Apps for Government, and Los Angeles taxpayers are expected to save more than $5.5 million."

Ding later continued, "LA's move to the cloud is the first of its kind, and it's not surprising that it's taken a little longer than anticipated to identify and address all of the City's unique requirements.  We're very pleased with the progress to date, and are committed to making this a great success for Los Angeles and a milestone for cloud computing."

GoogleIn fact, Google expects the transition to be complete within the next few months.

If Google can satisfy L.A.'s needs, that could open the door to many more cities and organizations adopting Google Apps.  Of course, more mistakes or delays on the search giant's part could provide Microsoft or other competitors with an "in," at least elsewhere in the country.

Google's no doubt got some of its best people working to make sure the L.A. city council isn't let down.