Kylie Jenner Sued Over Three-Car Pileup

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Kylie Jenner has just passed another rite of passage for a reality TV star. She’s been hit with her first lawsuit.

The suit was filed by attorneys for one Alida Griselie Palma Rivera and is regarding the car crash Kylie was in just two weeks after she turned 16.

Kylie was out and about, driving her mother’s $125,000 Mercedes Benz G Wagon when she allegedly rear-ended a Toyota, causing that car to then rear-end a Subaru. The plaintiff Rivera was the driver of the Subaru.

Attorney Sara Rezvanpour says that Alida Griselie Palma Rivera missed two weeks of work due to her injuries from that crash. The lawsuit describes Kylie as driving “at an unsafe speed that made it difficult for defendant to negotiate a safe stop, resulted in the rear end collision with Alvarez [the driver of the Toyota], who then collided with plaintiff’s vehicle.”

Rivera is suing the driver of the Toyota, whom she says was following to closely, as well as Kylie and Kris Jenner.

Rezvanpour says that Kris Jenner is named in the lawsuit because she “knew, or should have known, that Kylie Jenner was incompetent and unfit to drive Jenner’s vehicle.”

“While it is unfortunate that Mrs. Rivera had to resort to litigation, we seek to make our client whole and to hold Ms. Jenner accountable for her actions, just like any other member of the general public,” Rezvanpour said.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for “great mental, physical, and nervous pain and suffering she’s already had, as well as future suffering and loss of income.”

Back on the day of the accident, Kylie Jenner had tweeted:

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