Kristen Cavallari Opens Up About The Career She Really Wants

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Kristen Cavallari has tried her hand at many things since her time on the MTV show The Hills: fashion designing, television hosting, and being a mom, to name a few. But according to a recent interview, there's one thing in particular that she'd really like to try; she just has to wait a little while to do it.

“I was just hosting a show for E! called ‘The Fabulist,’ which is about all the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, which was a ton of fun. Anything in the fashion world, I’m into. I think it would be great, though, to be on a younger-type ‘View’ where I can give my opinions on all sorts of things, rather than just what the trend of the week is. Something like that would be a ton of fun," she told the Chicago Tribune. “At the same time it’s hard now with two little kids to do something like that. That’s why in five years, maybe. When they’re at school it’d be a little easier, but we’ll see.”

Cavallari is mom to two young boys with NFL star Jay Cutler, and the men in her life have served as inspiration for her fashion line; last year, she debuted a collection that merges football style with the chic looks she's known for.

Many wonder where Cavallari finds the time--and energy--to do it all, but she says she's careful to arrange her schedule to accommodate her family.

"Sometimes it can be hard, but that’s why The Fabulist is the perfect job for me—it’s only one day a week, so I can literally do a trip in 24 hours. I can come home, be a mom, and wear sweats the rest of the week. I’m lucky I can make my own hours to work on the shoes and the jewelry when the kids are sleeping, and I only go to LA occasionally for meetings or photo shoots. I feel lucky that I’ve been able to call these jobs “work,” and it’s been a blast," she said.

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