Kris Jenner's "Table Cloth" Dress: Hit Or Miss?


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Okay, am I the only person not offended by Kris Jenner’s red dress?

Some are mocking the look, calling it a red carpet faux pas and saying that she looks as though she’s wearing a big red table cloth.


Maybe a belt would have helped the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star better define her figure, but one has to admit that the 58-year-old reality TV celebrity's outfit is at least tasteful and modest.

As a matter of fact, that may have been the entire point to the red dress, following a “wardrobe malfunction” that occurred during Fashion Week.

Jenner was out and about with daughter Kendall Jenner, wearing a stylish gold mini-dress.

It was clear that the reality star wanted to show off her legs, but in one paparazzi picture, it turned out that she showed off a bit more than that.

She was photographed hugging Miley Cyrus’s mother Tish, and showing off a bit more skin than probably intended.

While it wasn’t a Britney Spears-esque flash, it’s safe to say one can see a bit more of Jenner than they probably planned to in this life, or ever wanted to.

Following the fallout from the pic, can you blame Jenner for trying to keep it classy a few days later?

Hardly not.

Jenner has been quite busy recently. In addition to attending the Brent Shapiro Foundation’s annual summer gala, she was also highly visible during New York Fashion Week.

Daughter Kendall Jenner got to walk in a few high profile shows. Mama Jenner was right there to watch Kendall work her stuff and exclaim how proud she is of her young daughter.

Well, at least Mama Jenner was allowed to be there to represent the Kardashian clan.

Big sister Kim Kardashian was pretty much told to make herself scarce by her 18-year-old model sister.