Kris Jenner Says Kendall Wasn't Bullied By Models


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Kendall Jenner has had a successful modeling career so far and seems to have been accepted by almost everyone in the industry.

She recently went to New York Fashion week with her mother Kris, but rumors suggest that Kendall didn't have as much fun as she had planned.

According to Reality TV Magazine, the other models at Fashion Week didn't think Kendall deserved to be there because she had not yet paid her dues as a model or worked as hard and as long as they had.

One rumor even claimed that some of the models had put their cigarettes in Kendall's drink to show her just how much they didn't want her there.

Kendall has not said if the rumors are true or not, but her mother Kris denies them.

“I would like to set the record straight and say it’s 150 per cent not true. They have been so welcoming, especially at the Tommy Hilfiger show. At all of the shows, all of the girls have been so darling,” Kris Jenner told Fashion Week Daily

Kris has a tendency to use the media to her advantage and if she thought admitting that the rumors were true would hurt Kendall's career or put the family's reputation in jeopardy, she would deny them.

Kendall has only been modeling professionally for a few months, so it is easy to see why such rumors would spread like wildfire. Many notable designers have praised Kendall for her modeling abilities and asked her to walk for them in shows.

Do you believe the rumors about the model bullies are true and would Kris lie about them?