Kris Jenner: Did She Leave Rob Kardashian Out of Family Collage?

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Did Kris Jenner intentionally omit photos of son Rob Kardashian from a collage of family photos she shared on the 4th of July? It certainly looks like she did exactly that. The photos she shared include Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner. That means she included all of her children except for Rob. What kind of mother does that--perhaps one who is far more interested in vanity than in family ties?

Something else to consider, however, and in fairness to Kris Jenner, is that Rob Kardashian has left himself out of many recent events that included photos. He has put on a great deal of weight in recent months and doesn't like his current appearance. Some reports say Rob is caught up in some drug issues and that the family has been encouraging him to check into a rehab facility. Clearly that has thus far been to no avail.

Either way, Rob is missing from this family 4th of July collage.

Rob Kardashian has stayed away from his family members in recent weeks, which really should be a huge concern to everyone in the Keeping Up With the Kardashian family, but Kris Jenner says it's all due to his weight.

"He's struggling," Kris said recently to E!

Rob's sisters immersed themselves fully in the patriotic holiday with Khloe Kardashian posting a photo of herself with an American flag as a backdrop.

Kendall Jenner celebrated the 4th of July in France, watching the French soccer team take on Germany in the World Cup. She didn't forget her patriotic roots, however. She tweeted a message about missing fireworks in the U.S., and shared a photo of some fireworks she saw recently in Thailand instead.

While it's great that all the members of the Kardashian clan enjoyed a nice 4th of July it's imperative they keep tabs on Rob Kardashian, too. If he does in fact have a drug problem and is down on himself for his weight gain, there could be a depression issue there. Someone--preferably his mom, Kris Jenner--needs to keep him on their radar to make sure he is okay.

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