Kourtney Kardashian Named Her Baby What?!

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The Kardashians have always had a thing for names. Not only do all the women have "K" monikers, but Kourtney's first child, Mason, started a huge trend among newborns right after his name was announced to the world. I have to wonder how well her new baby's name will fare in popularity.

Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick welcomed their daughter into the world yesterday and gave her a rather unique handle: Penelope Scotland. According to the U.S. census, the name Penelope has seen quite a rise in recent years compared to the 1940's and '50s, when it saw a sharp decline in popularity. It has origins in Greek mythology, after the clever weaver.

As for the name Scotland, I kinda like it. But I imagine it's more a play on Scott's name than it is a nod to geography.

But despite the growth of the name, it's still not one you hear too often these days. Actresses Penelope Ann Miller and Penelope Cruz are two that come to mind, yet I find myself hard pressed to think of any others. Only time will tell if Kourtney and Scott will have the same affect on it that they had on the name Mason. I'm just glad they didn't carry on that "K" name tradition.

Amanda Crum

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