"Knights Templar" Cartel Leader Captured In Mexico


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The extremely deadly and destructive drug war that has been raging between the Mexican government and various cartels is no secret, and it often spills across the border of the United States. While there does not appear to be an end to the conflict in sight, Mexican authorities are reporting a small victory in the form of the capture of a major cartel leader.

Dionicio Loya Plancarte, known in crime circles as "El Tio" (the uncle), was reportedly captured by government forces. Loya Plancarte is the a leader of the Knight Templar drug cartel, a major force in Mexico's Michoacan state. At the time of the capture he had a 30-million peso bounty on his head, so his capture marks a rare win for the government.

Mexican interior minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong was quick to comment on the success and how it was accomplished. He said of the government's effort, "It is not through violence that you can stop [gang members] and detain them, but through the institutional work of the Mexican government, to restore peace to the Mexican people."

While this talk of peace gives a feeling of hope to the situation, many still believe that the government is losing control of territories such as Michoacan, and that they are not protecting citizens from the wave of drug-related crime in the country.

The feelings of government inadequacy is likely related to the recent decision to join with vigilante groups in order to attempt to drive out cartel forces, groups that were formed by citizens trying to take matters into their own hands. That decision is viewed with great caution by many people within the country, but the state is standing by their new strategy.

While the governments efforts are still a work in progress, the capture of Loya Plancarte is a definite win, and shows how Mexico is looking at their cartel problem in new ways and desperately trying to restore peace to the country.

[Image via WorldBreakingNews]