Knack Gets A Mobile Tie-In Game For iOS


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One of the more interesting PS4 launch titles is Knack - an action platformer directed by Mark Cerny. The game looks to hearken back to the good ol' days of character drive platformers like Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank while updating the gameplay with modern sensibilities. One aspect of its modernization is a companion mobile app.

Sony Computer Entertainment America released Knack's Quest on iOS today a week before the PS4's and Knack's launch on November 15. The game is a simple match-three puzzle game like Bejeweled, but it's more than just a game trying to cash in on the next-gen hype. It will allow players to earn items that can then be sent to Knack on the PS4.

Here's the official description:

Knack’s Quest is a simple puzzle game in which you collect 3 or more of the same type of parts. Collecting parts will make Knack grow larger – reach the maximum size within the time limit to clear the stage. Super Move (Special Power) Collect Sunstones to use two different types of Super Moves! Use the “Thunder Chain”, which allows you to collect all parts of a certain type by tracing over them with a single vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Or use the “Blast” to collect parts all at once by tapping on them. Use the two super moves wisely based on the situation and collect lots of parts at once!

Here's what the game looks like:

Knack Gets A Mobile Tie-In Game For iOS

It's simplistic, but it's a free mobile tie-in game for a PS4 title. What else would you expect? Besides, the game isn't the exciting part about this. Knack's Quest, alongside the upcoming PS app, are hopefully signs that Sony is increasingly adopting mobile as a marketing tool for its console games. After all, a free mobile game is better than just a mobile ad.

You can grab Knack's Quest for iOS from the App Store today. It supports devices with iOS 6 and up. There's no word yet on an Android version, but there probably will be one soon.

[Image: Knack's Quest/App Store] [h/t: VideoGamer]