Kings of Leon Return with Rockin' New Album

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Alternative Rock band Kings of Leon have returned to the scene with a new album. The album is the band's 6th, and is titled "Mechanical Bull". The album came out today via RCA Records and fully reflects the decade that the they have had to hone their craft and become one of the best loved bands out there.

Apparently, critics everywhere have grown to love the band and their unique offerings.

The idea that Mechanical Bull represents an introspective flip in Kings of Leon's musical path is a common one among critics. Jon Caramanica of The New York Times stated that "Kings of Leon is making a U-turn," returning to its roots. "It's always been a haggard, handsome Southern rock band at its core, and the best songs here exude a macho kind of depression."

Ray Rahman of Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B+. His review is in tune with those of other critics as he describes how Mechanical Bull "finds the Tennessee rockers recapturing the white-lightning-in-a-bottle spark that made their early stuff so fun."

"The sheer predictability of this band has proved no barrier to massiveness, and their formula remains uncommonly resilient," The Guardian's Kitty Empire says. Blasting back on the scene from their short hiatus, Kings of Leon is "back in the saddle, punching their timecards with a little more brio than of late and a tad more good feeling."

Ray Waddell of Billboard calls the record "powerful" and "diverse." With respect to classic Kings of Leon, Waddell explains how the album highlights the band's "turn-on-a-dime tempo changes, mysterious, atmospheric ballads, and ringing, hard-charging rockers."

"The Kings fold lowdown, raucous moments into what's become their trademark sonic and emotional expansiveness," Jon Dolan of The Rolling Stone writes. "It's loose and down-to-earth; you can imagine them basing it out in a shed, albeit a very large one."

So, what do the critics say that don't get paid for their opinions and are free to speak their minds?

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