Kinect May Have Just Proven Its Worth Today


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Every Xbox One will ship with a Kinect. It's a fact that can't be avoided and has made some people angry. Some are angry over the increased price tag of $500 while others are angry about potential privacy violations. Both of those people can now shut up though as the Kinect has just earned its rightful place in your entertainment center.

A few months ago, Microsoft said that the Kinect could recognize the code on the back of an Xbox Live pre-paid card and immediately redeem it for you. It seemed kind of silly at the time, but wait until you see it in action. It actually has me excited:

As the Vine indicates, the entire process takes less than six seconds. No more will you have to put in a string of silly numbers that takes minutes. Now you just simply hold up a card in front of you and Kinect takes care of all the rest.

This is next generation stuff, folks. All those fancy graphics and cloud servers are old hat. Kinect reading QR codes for pre-paid Xbox Live cards is the future, and I want it now. In fact, Sony must be scared witless and are working on their own pre-paid PSN cards that can be read by the optional PS camera.

[Image: Larry Hryb/Vine]