Kim Kardashian: What Slicked Up Her Naked Butt?

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Kim Kardashian recently appeared on the cover of Paper magazine, with her ample derriere oiled up shinier than a slick. Since the day she didn't break the internet--as both she and the people at Paper magazine set out to do--people have sort of wondered what made her butt shine. The cat is out of its proverbial bag now. People can rest easy, because the secret has been divulged.

For those of you who'd like to rub something on your behind and make it shine like Kim Kardashian's, you need only procure some Black Seed Dry Oil for hair. It's actually part of the Kardashian Beauty range in collaboration with Farouk System. (Well, of course it is.)

"I have a haircare line, it was actually my hair oil that I used...a little bit of that," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said in a recent interview.

A little bit? Did you see that shine?

"You have to get creative with good lighting and oil," she added.

The hair oil is one of seven hair care products that will launch next spring. The line also includes a blow-dry cream and volumizing mousse to help users score lush, shiny locks locks--or a well-oiled ass. The line is priced a bit above drug store brands, but certainly below salon brands, with each item ranging from $14 to $17.

Anyone who is interested in oiling up their posterior like Kim Kardashian did will have to wait until spring to buy the product. How sad is that? Those who were hoping to shine their asses for Christmas or New Years are simply out of luck.

Kimberly Ripley

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